Congratulations to Our BCRegMed 2019 Symposium Winners!!

Winners of the BCRegMed 2019 Symposium.

Here are the winners of the BCRegMed 2019 Symposium.

Rapid Fire Presenters:
1st Place: Ashani Montgomery (Choy Lab)
2nd Place: Breanna Borys (Kallos Lab)
3rd Place: Effimia Christidi (Brunham Lab)

Poster Presenters:
1st Place: Jeremy Lotto (2nd year in a row!) (Hoodless Lab)
2nd Place: Joel Ostblom (Zandstra Lab)
3rd Place: Stephanie Campbell (Hoffman Lab) + Colin Hammond (Eaves Lab)

Thank you again to all of our judges, and to STEMCELL Technologies for their generous support!